Have A Pulse,You’re Hired!

So your brand new  to the car business. Let me start off by saying congrats, you’ve done the impossible. Got hired at a car dealership. Most car sales interviews go a little something like this…

Sales Manager: So have you sold cars before?

Applicant: No sir, I worked at Subway but got fired for stealing foot long bread.

Sales Manager: Great.

*takes out a stethoscope, checks for pulse, searches for a minute then finds one…maybe.*

Sales Manager: You’re hired!

Sound familiar? Oh, let’s not forget the you can make as much as you want speech. They quote you what their top sales guy makes and tell you that’s what their average salesman makes. Tell you some exaggerated success story of another person from your industry that came with no experience and is now rolling in a bank vault. He’s not, he’s at the corner desk on Craigslist looking for his next, maybe an escort.

Your first week you’ll probably go through some BS sales training that walks you through the sales process. Experienced amateurs teaching amateurs how to shake someone’s hand, smile and say welcome to ‘ABC Motors’! The same training I’d imagine Walmart greeters go through. They maybe make you take some tests and then you get to print some certificates to hang in your office, I mean desk you share with 3 other guys.


They throw you on the sales floor with the other mostly lost souls who are looking at you as the enemy. You’re there to take food off of their table by taking customers that might have been theirs. You notice a few different types of salesman…here’s a couple:

  • The Top Dog – The person that performs, month in and month out. Is respected by other salesmen. Usually they have something a little off about them if it’s a crazy and wild personality, maybe they’re quiet, or there’s just something weird about them. None the less there is something about their presence. You look at them and think,”Wow, if I work hard enough maybe I can get to that level.”. It’s good to have hope.
  • The Bottom Feeders – You can’t have a top without a bottom. This is a mix of salespeople that have been there a long time, a short time, old, young, black, white, smart and dumb salespeople. They just have never been able to put it together, are not trained or skilled enough to consistently produce. Or even worse, they just don’t care and are okay just making minimum wage to sit around moaning and groaning. They may introduce themselves to you a little something like this,”Hi, my name’s Complainer, this is what I hate about this place.”. You look at them and think,”Wow, what did I get myself into.”.

You text your old boss at Subway asking if you can have your old job back. It’s too late, there’s no turning back now. That corporate training was great, but how do you sell a car. It may seem impossible when you first start. There’s so much paperwork it seems, how do you demo a car, there’s so much to learn about the Nissan Versa, what kinda engine and what’s it’s toque ratio, what’s an intake valve. Your head is spinning…

Don’t worry, here comes your saving grace. Just kidding.

If you’re gonna make it in car sales it’s up to you and only you. Chances are no one is going to help you, even if you ask. They have their own paychecks to worry about making. Take it upon yourself to find sales training materials and mentors to help guide you. The best way to learn is to just do it. Answer that incoming call, take the customer that just pulled up on the lot. Mistakes are going to happen, 20 year veteran salesmen still make mistakes. Ask questions, don’t be afraid. Watch and listen to everything going on around you, try and steer clear of all negativity. Notice I didn’t mention about going to your managers for help and guidance? I’d explain but don’t worry, you’ll find out on your own.

“You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.”

– Les Brown

So congratulations, this may be a pit stop you’d like to forget or it might be the last place you lay your head. If you’re going to do it though, might as well do it all the way. Along the way you’re gonna get criticized, hated on, shit on, kicked when you’re down and then shit on again. Just remember that you truly get out what you put in, unless you’re the boss’s bitch(friend, suck up, or whore he’s fucking) then it’s easy as pie.

Oh yeah…



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